Extra Services: From surf theory to ocean fitness coaching, these are many other things that we can do together in Fuerteventura.


At NALU we highly value the importance of truly honest coaching and ocean knowledge: sometimes, this means assessing the students’ needs in more depth and offering an all-round check-up. This can mean: revision of acquired knowledge, surf & ocean fitness assessment, mental coaching, surf material check, or additional surf theory.
As surfing has become very popular and commercial, we are witnessing a worrying loss of contact with surfing core values as well as a superficial attitude towards what it means to practice an extreme sport. Many people approach the ocean unaware of what it entails to practice an extreme water sport, or get frustrated because they don’t fully realize what it takes to improve. Knowing about how to read a forecast, surf etiquette, ocean fitness, surf history and a deeper understanding of materials and equipment will make you a much more conscious surfer.

PRICE: 65€ per hour (15% discount for students already undertaking coaching or classes with us)


There are a million ways to surf, and as long as you are smiling, you are doing it right.


Extra Services


As an expert in yoga and mindful movement, Carolina offers private stretching, mobility and breathwork coaching to help you develop body consciousness and awareness. Our teacher is also an experienced freediver and she can help you learn how to improve your relationship with breath holds and breathing patterns. Very often, we are disconnected from the body and this prevents us from improving our sport skills: we are not aware of what the body can do, how it feels and how we feel. Society doesn’t help: there are many judgments and expectations on our bodies, based on gender, sex, shapes, race, age and abilities. These private sessions are created to facilitate body education with a scientifically accurate, and profound knowledge of somatics.

PRICE: 65€


Surf Skating is a kind of skating that was invented by Californian surfers, in particular David Colley and Brad Gerlach who wanted to practice their moves during flat sea days and summer. The result is a skateboard and style of staking that tries to replicate the surfing and snowboarding ride experience. It can be useful to practice some fundamental surf tricks and maneuvers or to gain more fluidity. In El Cotillo, Fuerteventura, there is a square with a perfect flat floor and even ramps where we’ll practice and if you don’t have your own skate and protections, we have them available for rent. We only teach these lessons 1:1 or 1:2. Contact us for more information about surf skating in Fuerteventura!”

PRICE: from 40€ pp

Extra Services


You are already an intermediate or advanced surfer – and you have your own material – but you have never surfed in Fuerteventura and/or you are not sure about where to go surfing? You can book us as a surf guide. I will show you the spots that best suit your level and I will explain to you how to enter and exit safely, what to do in order to respect locals, etiquette and nature. This service usually doesn’t mean I will come to the peak with you, but it can be arranged. Please, remember that this service is not a class. If you need surf coaching, please check out our coaching services.

PRICE: from 60€

Extra Services

Looking for accommodation in El Cotillo? You can stay at the beautiful Casa Nalu! We offer a wonderful Surf Apartment right above our surf school. You can book it all for yourself or share it with friends.

Do you feel like you need personalized support?
Carolina is a licensed educator and consultant. She takes private appointments via this form

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Extra Services