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Body Mind Heart: Yoga in El Cotillo, Fuerteventura & Online

NALU Yoga Studio in El Cotillo, Fuerteventura we focus on private yoga classes, both for closed groups and individuals. We also offer online classes, masterclasses & events which change every month. The way we teach is deeply rooted in the tradition, but we also share different disciplines that we have cultivated over time. The foundation of our offering is based on the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Tradition, but we also include freediving based breathing techniques, conscious breathwork, myofascial release and mindful movement.

Yoga classes are taught with the deepest respect for the tradition, honoring the cultural roots of yoga and meditation, which will always be shared with an open mind and heart. Every class is deeply thought through and balanced according to energy and bodily differences, so that it becomes accessible. We offer a variety of possibilities to work on your existing practice or creating a new one: from deepening a specific aspect of yoga to learning how to use yogic techniques to improve your surfing, breathing, mental state and stress management.


PLEASE NOTE: for online classes, the displayed hour refers to GMT (or GMT +1 during summer time) also called Atlantic/Canary (the same as London Time). Remember to check your time zone conversion before booking an online service!

Meet Carolina, your Yoga Teacher in Fuerteventura

Carolina’s yoga practice is based on traditional Tantric Hatha, a lineage deriving from Shri Vidya. It includes an in-depth study of the body, breathing, meditation and the nature of prana, the life force energy. This is synthesized in the archetypes of the moon, sun and fire. Carolina’s teaching combines both the traditional aspects of yoga and the use of breathing techniques from freediving and breathwork. This allows you to practice consciously, but also to work on practical goals, for example: fighting anxiety, improving breathing and resilience in water sports or cultivating mindfulness as a lifestyle. Carolina is an experienced yoga teacher, with 14 years of personal practice and 8 years of teaching practice. She holds more than 800h of teacher training hours.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio

The Method

Tantric Hatha Yoga practice works with three elements: the moon, the sun and fire. They are three symbols, archetypes and energies that allow the practitioner to set up a clear, effective and precise intention. The practice is invigorating, but always accessible. Each class always includes both asanas (postures), breathing exercises and meditation. Below you find a more in depth description of each one. We also teach Yin Yoga, Restorative and other ways to practice yoga, but this traditional methodology still informs them on an energetic level.

Moon class

The lunar practice represents the basis of hatha yoga. You learn and deepen practices to develop awareness of mental activity and master non-reactivity. Through a specific use of asanas (postures), the ideal mental space for meditation begins to be created. The emphasis is on long holds in the poses, increasing the duration of the exhalation, and on stilling the mind through an introduction to meditation.

Sun class

Sun is primarily concerned with the management and development of Prana, the life force. These practices are designed to balance between cultivating the energy we need to thrive, and developing the sensitivity needed to connect with the subtler layers of reality and the body. The practice therefore includes different tools such as asana, prana dharana, bandha, pranayama and meditation.

Fire class

Fire practice is designed to convey the main methodologies related to the tantric practice of hatha yoga. These practices draw on all subtler elements of the tantric path, including bandhas, mudras, mantras and prana dharana, to access the very heart of Yoga. Your practice here becomes a deeply spiritual ritual. The real emphasis is on building the inner, spiritual fire, located in the center of the body, while directing awareness and energy into the spine (Kundalini practice).

1:1 Mentoring

Deepen your spiritual journey: explore and transform personal blocks, enhance your encounter with practice, life, and/or teaching. Move toward a more enriching and liberated life.

How might your life be if you were to acknowledge and release even a fraction of your limiting beliefs, allowing room to discover the potential of your most sincere dreams and sense of purpose?

How would it feel to have an experienced teacher guiding you through the uncovering of yogic wisdom, learning a comprehensive method and a set of tools to accompany you for life?

If you are a yoga teacher, we can also use this time to refine your teaching skills, resolve doubts, embrace and integrate traditional techniques or to simply create space for you to be held and guided, which is something that many teacher miss for a very long time. If you feel stagnant in the way you are teaching or you don’t know how to create classes that go beyond the bare physical/asana progression, we can work together to expand your understanding of the practice. Learn with me the energetics of asana, how to theme your classes, how pick the right pranayamas & meditations for your intention.

Crafting a yoga class is like creating a piece of art: first you need skills, a method, knowledge, passion, alchemy of ‘colors’… and then you are free to expand in whatever direction prana takes you.

Yoga Studio
Yoga Studio

What is 1:1 Mentorship

Mentorships are yoga & meditation based journeys that extend an invitation to delve into and comprehend yourself, peeling away layers to gain insights into the nature of your own mind. This process enables you to navigate the extensive array of identities, beliefs and patterns you’ve developed—transforming those that impose limits and keep you stagnant, while embracing and expanding those that empower you to embody your true essence. The promise of yoga is that as the mind is boundlessly expansive, by delving deeply enough inside of ourselves, we can recognize both the habits that hold us back and the sparks of Truth and Dharma – life purpose. This way, we return to home, and affirm our freedom. If this sounds like a lot, I am fully here for you: we can do it together.

1:1 Mentoring programs can be done in person or online!

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You go down to the bottom of the sea, where the water isn’t even blue anymore, where the sky is only a memory, and you float there, in the silence.


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