Mind Body Surf is our signature event: everything we love, combined together.

Mind Body Surf is an immersive and embodied surf & yoga experience dedicated to anyone who would like to move their first steps towards the ocean while diving deep into the wisdom of yoga and the body.

It is designed to make you feel safe and comfortable while you learn the basics of surfing and and deepen or begin your yoga practice. We will guide you towards an experience that is filled with a sense of nourishing contentment, embodiment, freedom and a joy.

The mind-body is the focus of the retreat: we’ll learn to listen to memories, feelings and emotions and how they show up in the mind and body. Yes, you read it well: the mindbody: we believe that it is time we change the culture of seeing the mind separate from the body, and learn to work from an embodied perspective.

We’ll use the experience of learning how to surf as a metaphor to build embodied consciousness. The element of stress, but also fascination, that the ocean represents, it’s key to ignite change and focus: when you learn something new and challenging, you must be in the body and if you aren’t, you’ll become aware of it.

Surfing in Fuerteventura is also a fun experience, and if you ‘read between the waves’, you can open yourself to what the ocean has to teach you: to be humble and respectful, but also that you are capable of much more than you think.

It brings you face to face with raw nature and your ego must be replaced with intention, presence and concentration. 

The promise of yoga and breathwork is to learn to go beyond the rational and conscious mind, and tap into your most profound self. As we experience that place of peace, we gain a profound sense of remembrance, and a new understanding of the nature of our mind. This supports us in our personal journey of growth. 

Yoga and breathwork are also tools to recover the body and to release emotions: during practices & workshops, you’ll learn to recognize tensions, listen to your body, surrender, and face your mind chatter, including limiting beliefs. 

The practice is there to support you during the process, which is profoundly transformative.

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