NALU Portugal Experience: Surf & Yoga Retreat

Picture yourself on the golden sands of Santa Cruz in Portugal, with the waves calling you to dive into an unforgettable adventure.

As June casts its enchanting spell on Portugal’s coast, the pristine beaches of Santa Cruz come alive with the perfect swells for beginners and intermediate surfers alike. The gentle, rolling waves offer an ideal playground for those who want to move their first steps towards the ocean or improve their skills. Feel the thrill of riding your first wave, as the supportive guidance of seasoned instructors encourages you to push beyond your limits and discover the surfer within.

This is an immersive surf experience dedicated to anyone who would like to dive into surfing in one of the best locations in Europe.

Open to total beginners to beginner-intermediate surfers, NALU Portugal Experience is designed to make you feel safe and comfortable while you learn how to surf, receiving feedback, guidance, video-analysis and improve your ocean knowledge.

You will have plenty of water time – 5 sessions in different spots – plus the chance to do some supervised free-surfing.

After this immersive surf week, you will be able to read a basic forecast, pinpoint which conditions and spots are good for you, how to take care of your surf material, catching white waters – or unbroken waves, depending on where you start – the basics of paddling, turning and take off.

Included in the camp, there are 4 yoga or meditation/breathwork classes designed to allow your body to rest and recover from physical activities and work on your mental wellbeing.

These practices will help soothing fears, frustration and mind chatter, which are very typical mental activities when you are learning something new and challenging. In this retreat, yogic and breathwork techniques will be used as tools to support your sport experience and improving your mental attitude.

Our retreat is a unique coaching experience and it is open to only 12 participants. This allows us to take very good care of you as we work with 4 coaches in total: we focus very closely to you and your progression, your individual needs and feedback even if we go to the water as a group.

Want some extra goodness? Portugal offers an incredible culinary tradition! Indulge in the local flavors of Portugal, a fusion of fresh seafood, savory delicacies, and vibrant, nourishing ingredients. Unwind in the company of like-minded individuals, forging bonds and memories that will linger long after the sun sets on the shore.

Ignite your passion, and embark on an unforgettable journey. Let the magic of the ocean awaken your soul and the serenity of yoga soothe your mind. Embrace the call of the waves – a transformative experience awaits you.

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